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Pine Needle Aroma Therapy

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[SOLNARA Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Bring a pine tree in my house... bring it in my car...

  • Natural Pine Needle Fragrance(SOL NARA fragrance) is selected one of world famous twelve fragrances. You may always enjoy Green Shower in your house as well as in the car.
  • It can clear the head and enhance the concentration and thus it is very excellent to learning effect. Outstanding air cleaning, antibacterial effect, deodorization, sterilization power.
  • Improvement of allergy and skin ailment - Elimination of Allergen broken out from dust mites.
  • It can clean air by demonstrating antibacterial function, deodorizing and sterilizing harmful substances silently including fine dust, germs, virus and mold.


Image Capacity Service Life
200ml One Year
100ml Ten months
60ml Five months
40ml Portable