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PineNeedleOil For Skin

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PineNeedleOil For Skin


We, at Solnara, have long made researches and manufactured products such as pine needle oil health foods, natural soap, essence, hand cleaner and deodorant using naturally grown Korean plants as raw materials.
The pine needles, which are essential components for Solnara's products, are plants beneficial to our health and edible and skin-friendly, and smell fragrant.


Moist and taut products of SOL NARA are made of material of Pine Needle Extract and proven natural material certified by FDA (USA.)

│ Effect of components of SOL NARA Pine Needle Extract │

  • HMF
    - It is helpful to recycle clear and transparent skin by blocking the generative processes of melanin due to ultraviolet ray and reducing freckles and ephelis.
  • RUTIN P. CAROTIN. Vitamin A,B
    - They are helpful to delay skin aging by antioxidant effect and improve skin to elastic and healthy one.
  • Oxipalmitic acid
    - As it has excellent sterilizing power and is much helpful to cytothesis and epidermopoiesis(bacterial atopy,pimple), it can change the skin similar to baby's one.

│ USE │

You may mix the product with your foundations and use it. (one to three drops once, optional) It can make nutrients of your cosmetics infiltrate into the skin well so that the skin absorption may be increased more than two times.
For chapped flesh(arm, foot, heel, housewife's eczema, and etc), it would be better way to apply directly them on affected area.

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PineNeedleOil For Skin